Cycling for charity, in association with STAAG, University of St. Andrews

Be part of our adventure…

… and help us make a difference!

So; in short, we are 5 enthusiasts organising and planning our 4000km cycle across Africa this summer.

CLICK IMAGE to make your donation

(It’s gonna be EPIC!)

For what, you ask? For CHARITY

Explore the website and see what we’re all about!

We are aiming to raise £14000, to hand the One Foundation a bag of money to fully fund a sustainably built and maintained pump supplying safe, accessible drinking water to an entire village!

Thanks for visiting, FEEL FREE to leave a comment and follow us!


Donations of 1,2,3,4,5 or 10 pounds can also be made via sms to 70070 if you have a British number. Text PEDA99 followed by the amount you wish to donate.

To sponsor an individual team member, click on their picture on the Team page



All donations are made through JustGiving


Comments on: "Be part of our adventure…" (7)

  1. It was great having you. hope you have a pleasant journey…. Please do visit us again..
    Kasane, Botswana

    • Thanks so much for having us; an absolutely lovely stay! Lovely acquaintances we made on our very first night in Botswana 😀

  2. Hey, I want to become the part of your cycling charity. Can you please tell me can I become the member or not?

    • Hi,
      Pedal Africa was an expedition in affiliation with a university society at the University of St Andrews, which took place – and was completed – in 2012.

      But thank you for you interest, and we hope you find other ways of living out your own cycling charity adventure!

  3. Steve Taylor said:

    Hi Pedal Africa, do you have any hints or tips on what you did – am thinking of doing a similar event for: …another worthwhile cause 🙂

    • Hi Steve, Gua-Africa certainly does sound like a worthwhile cause! What kind of hints or tips would you be looking for exactly (e.g. trip planning? fundraising? cycling?) — All the best

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