Cycling for charity, in association with STAAG, University of St. Andrews

The Journey

Come July this year, students of St. Andrews University will set out on an epic journey, cycling across Southern Africa from Beira, Mozambique, in the East, to Walvis Bay, Namibia in the West. 4000 km (2500 miles) of cycling, over plains and mountains, to the spectacular Victoria Falls and through the dusty savannah of the Kalahari Basin.

SUBJECT TO CHANGE (according to e.g. political climate) Click image for more detailed route map

Our route will take us from Mozambique in the East through Malawi, Zimbabwe, Zambia and Botswana, to Namibia in the West.
The journey will be a challenge, a meeting with a reality very different to our own, and an expanding of horizons, not only for those on the team, but of all the students we reach through fundraising and awareness events at the University of St. Andrews. See The Cause for details of other aspects of the journey.

Comments on: "The Journey" (3)

  1. inge vindberg said:

    Good luck on your JOURNEY = i will follow you every “step” on the way
    Inge – in Vancouver

  2. Poornima Rao said:

    All the very best Rohit. Will keep track of u. Keep safe. Poornima Rao

  3. said:

    Good luck/ lycka till. Sköt om er!
    / kicki

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